Sewing Tutorial - Quilted Thanksgiving Placemats

Sewing Tutorial – Quilted Thanksgiving Placemats


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Do you want to do something special for the biggest gastronomic party of the year? If you like doing things to decorate for Thanksgiving, these turkey placemats could be the right thing to do for this year's table. I only decorated with pumpkins, but lately I've really been passionate about decorating turkey. Then, I found this sewing tutorial that I love. Find out how to stuff adorable turkeys on place mats that adults and grandchildren should love. Even shopping for colorful autumn fabrics is always fun.

This step-by-step sewing tutorial shows you exactly how to make these placemats. When the time comes to serve turkey and cranberries, what better way to set the table than with more turkeys, right? I also love how the feathers are presented, super cute and not too hard to pull off. Washable and safe to be with you for the upcoming holidays, you should still have time to make these do-it-yourself placemats before the arrival of Turkey Day.

Sewing Tutorial – Quilted turkey place mats

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