Ideas for Halloween parties - Witch's Brew recipe and how to make a pumpkin barrel

Serve drinks from a pumpkin this Halloween


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Looking for ideas for Halloween parties? This vacation is on the way and DIY ideas work well for all things Halloween. From costumes to party decor, some of the most unique things I've seen are those made by people. You can't buy super-creative handmade things in stores, especially when it comes to pumpkins. I love creating all sorts of fun pumpkin decorations and spooky snacks for my celebrations, and this do-it-yourself pumpkin barrel is an interesting way to serve drinks.

Find out how to touch a pumpkin barrel by cutting a hole in the front and adding a spout for drinking. Then, mount a little of Witches Brew to be placed inside and serve to the guests. There is an alcoholic and non-alcoholic version. Watch the Youtube video to learn how to prepare the pumpkin barrel, then fill it with one of these special Halloween punch recipes.

How to make a pumpkin barrel

To touch the pumpkin:

  1. Make a circular hole in the upper part around the steam
  2. Find the center of the front lower part of the pumpkin where the spout will go and mark it. So, use an apple carrot to make a hole.
  3. Insert the drink tap. (Kits can also be purchased in stores, but you really only need a spout for drinking)

Witches' Brew Recipe

How to prepare a handful of beer for non-alcoholic witches

Recipes for Halloween drinks - How to prepare non-alcoholic beer punch

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