Seamless dog bandana

Seamless dog bandana


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While I was buying my Halloween fabric at JoAnn & # 39; s Fabrics last week, I gave free lessons on how to make a do-it-yourself dog bandana. The customers were in line for this and everyone was having a great time, but I was in a big hurry and couldn't stay for the Doggie Bandana class. A couple of days later, when I returned to JoAnn, I met a young woman who had a whole basket full of new cottons, seriously about 30 bolts. I asked her what she was doing with all that fabric and she excited, "Doggie Bandanas!" She started telling me about her financial struggles with student loans and the like, then she told how she discovered dog bandanas through her sister and how her heart broke because she didn't have a dog to make one for, so she made a couple for his cats. He prepared some for his friend's little dogs and the word began to spread, within a month he had opened an Etsy shop and was churning out Doggie Bandanas for the entire city of Austin, Texas. I asked her how it happened so fast and she told me she had the brilliant idea of ​​setting up a game table at the Dog Park on a Saturday and sold it on the roof, she even distributed business cards with her Etsy and Instagram sites . He said it was literally snowing later. He said he was so grateful to have discovered Doggie and Kitty Bandanas, so he didn't have to resort to stripping to pay his debts. What a success story!

I was so inspired after all this exciting conversation at the cutting desk, that I had to make one. I bought half a meter of the nicest Calico Keepsake cotton and rushed home to my sewing machine. Since destiny wants the times on my machine to work so I looked for a seamless style on Youtube. I found this brilliant tutorial and made my Fur Babies all matched to Bandanas. They turned out to be so cute and made my hairy family very special, this is a do-it-yourself job that doesn't disappoint.

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