Macrame leaf of wool and yarn

Macrame leaf of wool and yarn


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I gave you a little look in my last blog post about my last little macramé project and today I want to show you how to make a macramé woolen and spun leaf from the materials I left from my macramé garland tutorial. It is a very similar project.

I love how it turned out and I've always worn it on my bag. There are many uses for this macramé leaf which includes hanging it on a harp of a lamp as I did with my project of stacked tassels, hanging it on a wall like a normal piece of macramé or as a favor of economic marriage and easy to give to your guests.

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Necessary material:

  • macramé yarn (4 garments at 116 ") (HERE)
  • thick wool (8 garments of 12 ") (HERE)
  • comb
  • scissors
  • small swivel hook (HERE)
  • wood beads (HERE)


I made another video to show you exactly what I did to make this piece more like a macramé leaf that you can see below.

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