Weave a basket from plastic bags

Interlace this dustbin with plastic bags


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I love anything recycled and re-proposed, and I keep many old "useless" objects hidden in all corners of the house. I recently found an entire closet full of plastic bags that I had saved from spending. I frantically started looking on Youtube for something nice to do with all of them. There are so many interesting things to do with these bags, nobody should ever throw them away again. I decided to make a basket for all the bathrooms. I started this project by cutting the handles of the bags and cutting them into 2 "wide strips.

then I started to tie and weave.

Do-it-yourself trash can in a plastic bag

After getting a super long braid, start gluing it together with a hot glue gun.

Learn to make a plastic basket

This is such a fun and rewarding DIY recycled / recycled project. They look so adorable in our bathrooms. All our guests comment on the surprising originality that everyone represents. My daughter and her friend decided to sell some because they were a do-it-yourself project so simple for teenagers. They set up a small stand in the garage and advertised on the Facebook Marketplace. They sold about 4 and gave the rest to their grandparents for gifts.

How to make a basket from plastic bags

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