Do-it-yourself velvet sock pumpkins

How to make velvet sock pumpkins


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This Thanksgiving, why not decorate with these pumpkins sock from the luxurious look but super easy to make? When it comes to autumnal decor, it's always my favorite way to go, since there's also cooking and shopping to do, plus lots of parties to go to. I love my creation work, but if it can be a time-saving project like this, that looks good but only takes a few minutes to make it happen, sign up.

These pumpkins look pretty on the table mixed with candlesticks and other decorations. Make them in some jewel-colored velvets for a rich look. All you need to do these are:


  • tube stockings
  • velvet fabric
  • cotton or cotton padding
  • glue gun
  • sticks (for the stems)

Just cut the end of the sock, roll it up, stuff it and wrap it and thread the velvet fabric as shown. Glue a stick to the top of the pumpkin with your hot glue gun. Watch the video to see how it's done.

This project is so simple, even my children were allowed to participate in the help part. There is very little mess, no artistic talent required here. Even loving the fact that this Thanksgiving piece of furniture is not fragile, so much more likely it will survive until next year. If you have children or grandchildren, these pumpkins should also be safe for their little hands. If my kids decide it's soccer balls, probably not … We'll see.

After making these pumpkins at a time, I definitely got the time to start shopping early for the holidays. I love mine. Find out how to make some for yourself.

Do-it-yourself velvet sock pumpkins

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