Learn to make a basket of pincushion thread

How to make a wire basket with pincushion


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The only thing I love most about sewing is how to get organized to prepare for more sewing. Organizing my sewing room makes every project easier, but it's also a lot of fun because the organizational projects are the most enjoyable of all. This do-it-yourself pincushion wire basket is all I love about a project and I predict that they will make great gifts! You will need 3 fabrics, one for the outer fabric, one for the upholstery fabric and one for the accent fabric and the pincushion. To start I first cut the fabrics in the following dimensions.

So I pressed all my pieces evenly and flat, so I created the zipper and the pincushion part of the project. Remember to leave a small space in the upper right corner of the pincushion to inert the funnel to fill the pincushion.

Learn to create a pincushion-shaped basket

Then sew the body of the bag with the straight sides together as shown. Then you will cut a rectangle of 1 and 3/4 "of 2" in height from each corner. This will form a dowel in the thread bag.

How to make a wire basket with pincushion

Then follow the assembly by sewing those corners of the box closed and putting the cover in the bag. Then make a seam around the top and in the small space you left open, put a quarter-inch strip of bone. I used the folded top of a coffee bag, whatever you have, it will be fine, it's not a real wrong way to do it. Then attach the pincushion and the zipper that they created and set aside. Now insert a small funnel inside the pincushion and fill it with chopped nuts or small beads that form the craft shop, make the closure and you're done.

This is a fabulous do-it-yourself sewing project to give as a gift during the holiday season, even if your friends and your family will love it all year round.

Get the SVG pattern file here: https: //lorrienunemaker.com/2018/10/1 …

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