How to clean the brass at home

How to clean the brass at home


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Ever wanted to clean brass furnishings or other brass items but are afraid of ruining them? I was and then I found a brass cleaner at the grocery store and found that it did very little in terms of the difference in the appearance of dirty brass objects. It turns out that to clean the brass like a professional you need to add some other household items to the mix to properly clean and polish the brass to make it look new. A magnet, of all things, is of great help when it comes to removing stains and stains from old brass. Extract these elements and watch this Youtube video to learn how to get super shiny brass that shines again.

I tried this on a mailbox that I found in a garage sale and it looks so incredible now, I can't even tell you. The people who were getting rid of it certainly would not have wanted to separate themselves from the beauty that now thanks to my entrance. The brass is really beautiful when it is polished and clean and super shabby and horrible when it is not. If you have brass that really needs a makeover, here's what you need.

Supplies needed to clean the brass at home:


Rubber gloves


Dish soap


Polish brass

Transparent lacquer


Cleaning Cloths

Follow the step by step instructions in this video for a super effective brass cleaning method.

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