Halloween costume Dark Angel

Halloween costume Dark Angel


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Ever since our daughter was young, I loved putting the costumes together starting with a simple black or white dress because she had sensory problems. Now it has passed but the simple dress has remained even though last year we did not use one for the forest fairy costume. We used the simple dress for the sad clown costume, the costume of the day of the dead, the costume of the queen of hearts and the evil costume. And we're using a simple black dress again for this Halloween costume with black angel.

Halloween costume Dark Angel

When I was young, I loved the Dark Angel TV show with Jessica Alba and this is just my opinion of how I think a dark angel should look. I guess you could also call it "Raven Girl" or whatever comes to mind when you look at it. For me, Halloween means unleashing your imagination and disguising yourself in something you usually can't or wouldn't want.

Supplies needed for the costume of the dark angel

  • dark angel wings (HERE)
  • feather shawl that hides the straps (HERE)
  • simple black dress (children HERE and adults HERE but you can, of course, make a sexy path for women with a short mini dress or leather pants like Jessica Alba sported for her show)
  • wig (if you don't have the hair you want, I have this HERE and I love it)
  • makeup brushes (HERE)
  • mascara (HERE)
  • makeup: filler for pores (HERE, not a must but I love it), pale foundation (HERE), HD finishing powder (HERE), black eyeshadow (my favorite HERE) and various red eye shadows (I used this economic palette HERE called "Red alarm"), very fine black eyeliner for the veins (HERE) or a temporary vein tattoo HERE, mixing sponges HERE


To see the process I made another video because it is easier to show you this way than to take separate photos along the way.

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