furniture remaking for wallpaper with peel and stick wallpaper

furniture remaking for wallpaper with peel and stick wallpaper


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I have already said that my mother always hated the Otomi decal on my Ikea Besta TV unit, but that's not why I decided to change it. That's probably why I haven't changed it in 4 years … haha. The truth is that I didn't see the time to change that piece since we cut the cable and I no longer needed glass windows for cable boxes. I have always been in love with the appearance of linen wallpaper and I knew I wanted to go in that direction after using a fake version like peel and stick wallpaper.

I had two extra clear white doors in the basement and one day I had an epiphany with an idea of ​​what I wanted to do.

dresser makeover with wallpaper in synthetic peel and splint cloth

I ordered 3 different documents that I saw on Amazon, so I could decide at home what the best was with the rest of our house. You can find the one on the left HERE, in the middle HERE and the document on the right HERE.

Read on the remaking of peel and fabric wallpaper furniture on Cuckoo4Design.

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