Friday's favorites: living room pouf

Friday's favorites: living room pouf


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The other day I came across a couple of poufs for living room online while I was looking for something else and they pushed me to write the post today because up until today our pouf for the living room is one of the main elements in our home I'm being asked for.

find out how I made the slice of agate wrapped on the wall HERE in the picture below

Watch my makeover of my TV cabinet HERE

My favorite living room ottomans

My ottoman pouf matches everything and I often use it for my photographic style as you can see above. It makes its appearance in many of my shots.

All the poufs I am showing you in today's post would seem just as beautiful as I have and I'm thinking of buying another one to replace the jeans pouf near the fireplace that is starting to fall apart. Now I decide which part is difficult.

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