DIY Halloween Decorating Idea - Packing Tape Ghosts

DIY Halloween Decorating Idea – Packing Tape Ghosts


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Do you need ideas for decorating the yard for Halloween? This idea uses some cheap things to make ghosts that seem pretty scary to me. Use duct tape and garbage bags on a mannequin to achieve this look. Then remove and add the string lights in the color of your choice within the ghost. I really like the blue one, but any color of the lights should work fine. Discover how with this video tutorial or visit step by step Crazy Green Thumbs for a step by step tutorial with photos. A family of ghosts can be yours with duct tape, garbage bags and string lights.

The tutorial by Crazy Green Thumbs it's really cool and he tried to do it after seeing a popular pin on Pinterest, which had terrible instructions. It tells you why you don't want to use a real person instead of buying a form of dress and then suggests buying a form of plastic dress online or taking a decorative one from the craft store and using a half-discount coupon to buy it. Both are great suggestions.

This video tutorial also shows how to create ghosts of packing tapes, with some fantastic visual elements to watch. These ghost children on the roof give me the creeps and I haven't even seen them in person. Watch to see how he creates his ghosts.

My takeout from this is

1] I have to have some of the ghosts for my backyard this week

2] They all present themselves in a different way but have a beautiful appearance in their imperfection

3] I have to buy a lot of transparent tape.

When it comes to Halloween decorations, I think DIY is always the way to go, since I haven't seen anything like it in stores. See what you think.

How to create ghosts of packing tapes

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