Decorate with family heirlooms and antiques

Decorate with family heirlooms and antiques


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Decorate with family heirlooms

This season I added some touches of late summer / fall to our dining room using my great-grandmother's painting as inspiration. I wanted to rephrase the painting by Willy Hermann that my father had postponed for a long time but I wasn't sure who would do the job well. Willy Hermann was a German impressionist painter who loved to paint haystacks, wheat fields and other landscapes. He was born in Berlin in 1895 and died in Berlin in 1963. Two of his paintings are still hanging in the Spandau town hall. And actually he was a friend of my great-grandparents.

I have already talked about my great-grandfather who was the director of transport in Berlin at that time. Also, do you remember the portrait of my great-grandmother that I recently hung in our kitchen / dining room? I knew that the same framing company would be the perfect solution to help me with the task of finding the right setting for this special oil painting that looks perfect for this time of year.

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