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BoHo frayed curtains without seams


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I needed some curtains for my outdoor patio and I really wanted to try a BoHo touch. I found this excellent video tutorial on Youtube to make BoHo outdoor tents and I couldn't believe my luck. In addition to what I was looking for, the curtains were seamless! I would have had my dripping patio in Rockstar BoHo Chic within a few hours. First I went to JoAnn's and bought some outdoor fabric over the distance. If you've never made purchases in the settlement section of JoAnn, I can't recommend it enough. I found an indoor / outdoor canvas duck that had been $ 20 a meter marked for $ 3.50 in the backyard and I already had a cotton fringe bolt that I had bought in a garden sale. It is worth buying the clearance shelves at JoAnn. So you want to get 4 and 1/2 inches more than the desired length on each drop. Then I just followed these super easy directions and started to press and paste. The upper part flips over and is glued to the right side of the fabric. There you will glue your fringe.

Glue the fringe up and down on the right side facing your delicious BoHo fabric.

BOHO 3 curtains

So you will not believe your eyes when you insert the curtain rod and you will see your project in full glory.

BOHO 5 blinds

I surprised my husband when he came home from work, with a candlelit dinner on the patio, he almost died when he saw the new BoHo curtains reflected in the flickering light of the candles. We sat outside for hours to remember and chat about our plans in life, our plans to start our own do-it-yourself channel. This project has inspired both!

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